Technology Office Hours

The Tech Office is open for Chromebook Issues

  • Mondays-Thursdays 8AM – 9AM
  • Mondays-Thursdays during 8th period

The Tech Office is closed on Fridays.

If your Chromebook was stolen:

  • If it was stolen in the school, you MUST file a report with School Police. Once the Tech Office receives the report from School Police, we can process the request.
  • If it was stolen outside of the school, you must file a report with Philadelphia Police or with the local police in the township where it was stolen. Once you have that report, you must bring the report into School Police, and then the Tech Office can process the request.

If your Chromebook is Lost:

  • You must make every attempt to find it.
  • You must bring in a note from home stating that every attempt was made to try to find the Chromebook and details about how you think you lost the Chromebook. You can also email with the same information.

If you are a New student:

  • Please see Mr. Lendzinski during the Chromebook hours listed above.