Graduation and Promotion Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Students must have 23.5 credits in the following areas:

4 EnglishEnglish 1, 2, 3, and 4
4 Social StudiesWorld History, African American History, American History, and Social Science
3 MathAlgebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2
3 ScienceEnvironmental Science, Biology, Chemistry,
1 Math/Science ElectiveStudents also need a 4th year of either a math or science.
2 World LanguagesLincoln offers Spanish, French, Latin, American Sign Language, and Chinese
2 Arts and HumanitiesLincoln offers many options for this requirement.
4 ElectivesTaken mostly in your Pathway, but other electives, such as AP Courses, are also available.
1.5 Health and Physical EducationThe Phys Ed Department offers many options, including Pool and Weight Training
  • Seniors also have to complete a Senior Project.

Promotion Requirements

9th to 10th Grade: 5 credits

10th to 11th grade: 11 credits

11th grade to 12th grade: 17.5 credits