Mission and Vision

Past and Future Street Signs

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

We believe the smaller technologically advanced New Abraham Lincoln High School of the future will develop the full academic potential of every student by providing a challenging high school experience, supported by staff and concerned parents/guardians in an environment where teaching is enjoyed, learning is active and all stakeholders take pride in their association with this exemplary institution.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate all students for current and future success in the areas of technology, college, career, academic, and service opportunities for success at the New Abraham Lincoln High School, where the future is for everyone to build.

As a school, Abraham Lincoln High School believes the following:

We believe all students will achieve academic success in our college, career, and technology – focused school.

We believe all students will maximize their academic potential within our career academy environment.

We believe all students will promote acceptance, understanding and respect for all diverse learners of all the cultures present in our school.

We believe teaching and learning must be meaningful, relevant and challenging to promote academic and career success.
We believe students acquire knowledge in different ways and should be provided with a variety of instructional methods, engaging activities and assessments.

We believe our partnership with Philadelphia Academies strengthens our students’ academic and professional skills while enhancing their postgraduate career options.

We believe all students’ academic, college and career partnerships strengthen the relationships among students, school personnel, parents, and our community.

We believe students must acquire the Career Technical Education (CTE) skills to access, interpret and apply information to become life long learners.

We believe academic, career, technology, cultural, and athletic extra-curricular activities are important in enhancing the learning and growth of all individuals.